Make the Most of Your Real Time Management Decision

In the business setting, one of the most difficult tasks is making a real time management decision. Making a decision when there are multiple options and multiple points of view can be an extremely challenging task. It is easy to get confused and to make mistakes when you have too many choices. Making a difficult business decision while remaining objective and calm is the only way to effectively manage time. This article will introduce some of the more powerful methods you can use in order to make a difficult business decision using a participative leadership style.

Goals must be defined Prior to making a decision, you must define the purpose or the overall goal of your organization. The goal needs to be clearly stated, it needs to be understood, and it needs to be measurable. You should also state the time frame for reaching the goal. Once these goals have been defined, you can then make decisions regarding the most effective ways of achieving the goal. Goals must be written out on paper as well as ranking in order of importance.

Prioritize and Define Key Processes The goal that you write down should be something that is important to you. It is often the case that we do not spend enough time on the most important things in our lives. Defining your goal can be done by ranking the most important processes in order of importance. Projects and tasks can be ranked in order of priority. You should give more priority to the projects that consume more time, produce the most results, or that need to be completed as soon as possible.

Organize Your Processes Once the most important processes have been ranked, you can organize your process in such a way as to accomplish the most important goals as quickly as possible. A real time management technique that often gets overlooked is to put off tasks that produce minimal results. Tasks that produce minimal results should be done in smaller groups, with the longest task taking up the most space. Multiple processes should be separated as much as possible to enable maximum efficiency.

Make Use of a Time Management Decision Tree To avoid making the same mistakes over, it is important that you develop a time management decision tree. A decision tree is a tool that allows you to prioritize your projects and complete them in the order in which you want. Projects that take longer to accomplish should always be placed on the left side of the tree. You can then move to the right side, completing the other projects on the right.

Real Time Management Decision Made When the time management plan is finished, you will have made the most important decisions about your projects. If you did everything right, you will have accomplished all of your goals and will be able to say with pride, “I did my best possible to meet my goals and meet my deadlines.” This is the best feeling in the world, because you know that you succeeded in your time management project.

The only way you will know for sure if you made a good time management decision is to try it. Get rid of your old inefficient processes and replace them with new, effective ones. By doing so, you will soon realize if you were right or not about your time management decision.

You will probably find that it was an unnecessary cost that you were not willing to commit to. Most managers have made the mistake of spending too much time on the initial project and not enough time on the follow-up projects. In many cases, these projects never get started because they were left half-way through. Poor management decision-making results in projects that never get completed. To avoid these poor project management decisions, spend some quality time on your follow-up projects and make your time management decision correctly from the beginning.